• Vanessa Yeo

Kuih Bahulu

Updated: Aug 27, 2018

"Known as 'kuih bahulu' in the Malay language, it is a dainty fluffy cake made using eggs. It has a slightly crusty outer layer but soft on the inside. Also known as Asian madeleines, it is very popular as a snack."

- Grace Teo


With exactly 15 days to Chinese New Year, I decided to replicate one of the favourite Chinese New Year snacks. It was a challenge given by a friend, and the thought of experimenting colouring AB foam with acrylic paint was intriguing.

I first took measurements of the actual metal mould, one that I found selling for $15 at a local homeware shop, then 3D modelled it and printed it out. I smeared some vaseline as mould release just in case the foam stuck to my 3D print.

Successful second try!



AB Polyurethane Foam

Acrylic Paint

3D Printed Mould - ABS