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  • Vanessa Yeo

Singapore Laksa

Singapore Laksa. The perfect combination of spicy, creamy and buttery. Topped with a selection of plump juicy cockles, golden-brown fried fishcake slices, fresh beansprouts, a good sprinkling of laksa leaves and a dash of sambal chilli.

Bean Sprouts, Fish Cake, Thick Beehoon, Hard-boiled Egg, Cockles, Laksa Leaf, Chilli

Thought I’d challenge myself to recreate beansprouts, fishcake and cockles with resin clay. I also managed to get my hands on a clay extruder, which was perfect for creating the thick translucent noodles of the dish. The curry did not go as well as I had hoped, and it took 4 nights to finally get the colour right. Layering resin correctly was by far the biggest challenge. Lots of room for improvement!




Resin clay

Acrylic paint

Resin dye

Aluminium foil

Soft pastels

Fake leaves


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