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  • Vanessa Yeo

A New Moon – For Business Times

In Singapore, the Mid-Autumn Festival is a celebration where families gather to “shang yue” (moon appreciation), armed with tasty mooncakes and colourful lanterns. But as we get busier and more preoccupied with the many distractions around us, the quality of such family time has been gradually eroded. In addition, thanks to the light pollution from our ever-bustling cityscape, it has become harder to get a clear, untainted view of our moon that is so far away.

We bring the moon to you – in a box. Firstly, family members have to surrender their phones into this empty mooncake box, so it’ll be one less distraction for everyone. Next, three upward-facing phones will play a “shang yue” video in sync using Near Field Communication (NFC). The screens reflect directly onto a plastic sheet facing them, so the entire family can view the spectacle directly from their seats. No more waiting for dimmed skies and cloudless nights – now, you can watch the moon live, big, bright and clear, even without a telescope! It even comes with traditional Chinese music to set the mood.

Some mooncake boxes are just too pretty to trash. Singapore’s Business Times came to us with a challenge to create something using Bakerzin’s Mooncake Box, with Mid-Autumn Festival just around the corner. We created a hologram in the box with the use of perspex, plastic hinges and cloth. I cut out one side of the cover with a Dremel, as the box had to be modified to be one with hinges. It was featured in Business Times on 16 September 2017.

Watch how it works here:

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