Netflix Coverkit

Take a break. We’ve got you covered. 

You turn on Netflix. Someone walks in. It looks like you’ve been bingeing for hours.

The Cover Kit ensures misunderstandings like that never happen again.


The Netflix Cover Kit.  It is a sensor that detects when your door is opened and sends a signal to your computer, temporarily switching out your Netflix screen while pulling up any window of your choice.  The Netflix Cover Kit helps to provide a relaxed and stress-free viewing experience even when your parents or unwanted intruders barge in.

Like with most Asian families, I still live with my parents. Asian parents are seen as figures of authority who are more conservative as compared to our western counterparts. It can be awkward to be caught watching scenes with sexual content and dialogue that are not even that explicit. This was the insight that gave me the inspiration for the Cover Kit.

  • Role: Concept, Product Design & Development

  • Company: The Secret Little Agency

  • Team: Andronicus Riyono