Nespresso Boutique Launch

To launch Nespresso’s latest boutique, we provided the ultimate coffee experience to unsuspecting commuters, influencers, and media engagements. Commuters could treat themselves to a cup of Nespresso coffee, alongside familiar comforts: local breakfast culinary delights.

My role was to oversee and design the event space, taking into consideration the space limitation, height restrictions, user flow, and experience.

Learning from past activations in the Central Business District, "free" coffee meant crazy large crowds. We had to plan for long queues, and accommodating for human traffic during rush hour. At the same time, providing an exceptional Nespresso coffee experience.

  • Released: 2016

  • Role: Concept, User Experience, Visualisation

  • Company: The Secret Little Agency

  • Team: Neville Hew, Chong Zhenlu, PPURPOSE