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Martell Cordon Bleu

Take The First Step

The Client’s brief, to create a brand experience activation at airports during the low season of May – June that is scalable and replicable, with the target audience being affluent Chinese, Malaysian and Singaporean travellers. Incorporating the tagline #becurious and keeping to airport constraints, what could we do to drive sales and give the target consumers a stronger reason to buy Martell Cordon Bleu?


“Face” is an important concept in understanding the Asian mind and can be a strong motivating force. For individuals brought up in wealthy families, there is often an unspoken responsibility to present a good image of themselves, as it reflects their upbringing and family’s state of well-being. For Today’s Asian, self-made successes are less traditional. They perceive success to be a good balance between being independent and self-reliant, and making their parents/family proud. There is a strong (potential) motivation to gift or share a luxury product with friends and family because it reflects well on the individual and his/her family. (On a deeper level, a gift to one’s parent can also represent a silent reassurance that he or she is doing well – something that every parent would want to know about their child.)

TAKE THE FIRST STEP – Getting consumers to step up, to be above the rest.

  • Role: Concept, User Experience, 3D

  • Company: DDB, Tracy Locke