To sit around the table is to gather and share the best of every day. We translate this to our display

with the lazy susan, which delivers items around the table swiftly but elegantly.

By taking a different perspective, we amplify a slice of the everyday into a kaleidoscopic, topsy-turvy fantasy. Our centrepiece is a big, wall-mounted lazy susan with several motorised platforms, each rotating freely.

Each layer contains tableware of similar size/use from featured collections. The movement of the lazy susan provides an interactive way for people to mix and match various ranges, revealing quirky pairings among the piccolo items and statement pieces with the primary pieces in the new collections.


Luzerne is a homegrown Singaporean brand that has extended her footprints globally, making its way into kitchens of renowned chefs such as Gordon Ramsay, the first class cabin of Singapore Airlines and the homeware of leading fashion brands. Luzerne is a prominent presence in many design and HoReCa trade shows as they pride themselves in providing culturally sensitive, environmentally friendly trophies for sponsors.

This particular appearance at Maison & Objet 2016 was a notable event for the brand as this was their first public appearance since their rebranding efforts to actively expanding their well established B2B roots to B2C territories. The concept was a head turner during the trade show and has effectively attracted significant footfall to the booth, leading to meaningful interactions for the sales team.

Post trade show, it was well received by the press and received a special mention in their global monthly newsletter.

  • Released: 2016

  • Role: Concept, Art Direction, 3D, Production

  • Company: The Secret Little Agency

  • Team: Jennifer Lew, Shereen Woo, June Fong