FacebookLIVE is a hybrid of online and offline human interaction, a series of objects that parodies how we cultivate relationships in social media. It hopes to provoke and encourage people to think about how social networking is changing the way we communicate, obtain affection, and how it influences the way we view ourselves.


Facebook has become the most popular and current social networking site and is increasingly changing the way we form relationships. It is so apparent in the lives of individuals since its introduction in 2004, that individuals carry their unfinished conversations and friendships from the “real” world into the virtual world with just the phrase, “facebook me!” It has become a statement that everyone understands, as it hints at the possibility of a step taken further to grow that particular friendship or forge new ones. Ironically, Facebook also allows you to stay on good terms with someone without ever having to meet up, listen to them, or fake an interest in their lives. Moreover, we can gather more information about someone from their profile without having to actually talk to them.

What happens when communication no longer required the use of your mouth and tongue to create weird sounds called “words”? Why do some of us measure ourselves against how many friends or “likes” we gather on our Facebook account?

  • Released: 2011

  • Medium: MaxMSP, Illustrator, Photoshop