Live Young NOW

When was the last time you lived young?

In 2012, the guardian reported Singapore to be the “world’s least emotional country”.  
We had to do something about it.

In the form of a 1.8m otherworldly floating orb, we hoped to take Singaporeans away from reality,
even if it was just for a second. The orb floated around Singapore rewarding spontaneous acts
with prizes and experiences, which also led up to an event where Maria Sharapova dropped in on.


Say hello to The Now Starter, a device that allows you to live young now.

It means not letting work get to you, not procrastinating, not letting life pass you by.

It’s about enjoying the moment.

Not tomorrow.

Not the next day.

But now.

  • Released: 2014

  • Role: Concept, Art, Experience, Deployment

  • Company: The Secret Little Agency

  • Team: Zara Kok, Bobby Kwok, Andronicus Riyono, Valerie Lim, Dickson Sim