How could we widen audience awareness for Chef’s Table Season 2, while keeping core fans from Season 1?

Asians love taking pictures of their food.

Instagram and Facebook both provide wonderful venues for Chef’s Table. They help bring the series to life online in a highly visual way, and to share a story that goes beyond high-brow food into something bigger. Food that transcends its perceived boundaries to become art. The goal, was to make Chef’s Table one of the most beautiful and thoughtfully arranged accounts around.

To spread the word, we sent food influencers trophies with specific toppers customised to the type of food that the influencer is known for. Trophy toppers were hand-crafted and personally delivered.


My bucket list item of creating noodles suspended in mid-air? Checked.

Webby Awards, 2017 Social Promotions & Contests: People’s Voice

The Webby Awards

Huffington Post

  • Released: 2016

  • Role: Art

  • Company: The Secret Little Agency

  • Team: Andrew Seetoh, Peggy Ng, Zelenie Soh